• Address:  Endereço: Rodovia BA 001, km 46 - Villa Garden, Trancoso - Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
  • Phone:  +55 73 9950-0910
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Casa Areia
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Casa Areia




Location: Condominium Altos de Trancoso

Max people capacity: 10

Rooms: 5

General description:

The house is built in two blocks, one of which is the social part, with a ceiling height of 5 meters, where the toilet, hall, living, dining room, balcony, pool, decks, gourmet kitchen, pantry and kitchen are located. support.

In the other block, there is the part reserved for the rooms, which face the side land, a preservation area of the condominium, that is, without neighbors directly.

The rooms are divided into a master suite and 4 guest suites, all with a balcony and split air conditioning. In this block is still located the laundry and bathroom of employees.


A caretaker, a maid and a gardener.


To consult.