• Address:  Endereço: Rodovia BA 001, km 46 - Villa Garden, Trancoso - Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
  • Phone:  +55 73 9950-0910



Trancoso is a sophisticated and peaceful village, located in the south of Bahia, about 45km from Porto Seguro. The destination is endowed with beautiful beaches, exuberant nature, imposing cliffs and breathtaking landscapes.

In addition to nature, the destination also has its share of leisure and culture. This is where the famous Quadrado stands out, which is a wide square in the center, framed by colorful houses and the white church in the background. In the simple and colorful houses of the Quadrado, there are bars, restaurants, inns, handicraft shops and famous designer boutiques. It is, without a doubt, the postcard of the region.

Today, Trancoso is frequented mainly by VIPs and the trendy, and is currently undergoing a phase of real estate development with the construction of new luxury residences, refined homes, high-end condominiums and even golf courses. Here you will find comfort and elegance in exclusive accommodation.

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